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“I have been fortunate to be treated by Lilly Weissinger, PT, on and off for almost 30 years for a variety of ailments and injuries. All of my family members also see Lilly whenever they need physical therapy. Lilly is the most effective practicing physical therapist I know. Her knowledge of the the human body and successful PT techniques are amazing. Her ability to find the real problem usually during the first visit, is why I drive 45 minutes to see her whenever I need physical therapy. Lilly makes the extra drive worth the time because I can count on her to help me heal and resume a fully active life as quickly as possible."

Lori T.

I came to Lilly with an overuse injury that included tingling in the arms and hands. . She set attainable goals for  pain management, healing, and strengthening. 

Jonathan H.

About 4 years ago I was suffering terribly from having had a full hip replacement due to an accident as well as a later injury of breaking both bones in the same leg just above the ankle. Then I met Lily Weissinger, an amazing physical therapist! She has worked on both my injury sites and has made a huge impact on my mobility and pain level! She sure knows how to “work her magic!" I highly recommend her.

Green splash Stretching Figure White 150

Vickie H.

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