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“I have been fortunate to be treated by Lilly Weissinger, PT, on and off for almost 30 years for a variety of ailments and injuries. All of my family members also see Lilly whenever they need physical therapy. Lilly is the most effective practicing physical therapist I know. Her knowledge of the the human body and successful PT techniques are amazing. Her ability to find the real problem usually during the first visit, is why I drive 45 minutes to see her whenever I need physical therapy. Lilly makes the extra drive worth the time because I can count on her to help me heal and resume a fully active life as quickly as possible."

Lori T.

I came to Lilly with an overuse injury that included tingling in the arms and hands. . She set attainable goals for  pain management, healing, and strengthening. 

Jonathan H.

About 4 years ago I was suffering terribly from having had a full hip replacement due to an accident as well as a later injury of breaking both bones in the same leg just above the ankle. Then I met Lily Weissinger, an amazing physical therapist! She has worked on both my injury sites and has made a huge impact on my mobility and pain level! She sure knows how to “work her magic!" I highly recommend her.

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Vickie H.

It is my great pleasure to recommend Lilly Weissinger of Mobility with Lilly as an exceptionally outstanding Physical Therapist. I have a genetic disorder of my collagen that affects cartilage, ligament, tendons and joints and results in hypermobility and early onset arthritis. I also suffer a lot with muscle spasms and “knots”, pinched nerves, and post -surgery limitations.

I have had over 30 surgeries and quite literally years of physical therapy. Lilliy is by far the best physical therapist I have ever encountered. Her knowledge, wisdom, insight and techniques are quickly apparent. Her level of genuine empathy and concern is evident. She listens to your concerns and works to provide you with a personalized solution.

I have suffered for 8 years post foot surgery with a progressively worsening functionality and pain. This has greatly affected my leg as well as my gait so much so that I have fallen repeatedly.

Lilly quickly assessed my situation, used manual manipulation techniques on me to relieve pain. Together, we set goals for my improvement, including techniques to use on myself and specific exercises appropriate for my condition. I saw her only twice before going to NYC and thanks to her expert help, I had great success walking the big city! I am grateful to have found her and am certain that she can help you too!

Alicia V.

It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Lilly Weissinger for all of your physical therapy needs. I began seeing Lilly over a year ago. I quickly realized that she was unlike any physical therapist I'd ever known. Lilly is the total package with her vast knowledge and experience, her use of targeted exercises, her ability to innovate on the spot, and her amazing use of manual techniques. She customizes everything to your needs and carefully keeps track of your progress.. She is welcoming, personable, encouraging and has a great sense of humor! She goes to great lengths to help you modify exercises and problematic daily activities. I have made excellent, life-changing progress under Lilly's care. As you can see, I have been delighted and completely satisfied with my experience with Lilly. I have no doubt that you will be, too!

Laura W.

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