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New Patient Evaluation

50 minutes


This is the initial, in person evaluation to assess you and make a plan of care. I look for causes and solutions to develop a treatment plan in line with your goals for healing and improving quality of life. 

After the required New Patient Evaluation, please find additional appointment information below.

Follow-Up Appointment

50 minutes


If you are interested in more long term, consistent scheduling, discounted rates are available. Please inquire at your next appointment.

Extended Follow-Up Appointment

80 minutes


This is an extended appointment to allow enough time for both manual treatment as well as the implementation of additional modalities. 

Virtual - Work Space/Posture Assessment

45 minutes


We will answer any individual concerns and advise on recommended modifications to your home and works space to keep comfortable and pain free.

Custom Orthotics Assessment & Casting

1 hr. / 30 mins.


Orthotics can help treat and prevent lower extremity injury and decrease pain from Plantar Fasciitis. Your feet are assessed, measured and casted for custom orthotic inserts to ensure proper support. 

Concierge - At Home Assessments & Treatments

We can provide individualized treatment in the comfort of your own home. This custom services provides stability and reduces the stress of traveling while you heal. Inquire regarding prices.

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